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Screenshot Art Brussels 2023 (c) youtube.com/watch?v=Xy1xGz8e_sk
Art Brussels today announces further details of its 39thedition which takes place from 20 -23 April at Brussels Expo. As one of Europe’s oldest and most established fairs, Art Brussels has a reputation for discovery, and this year 152galleries from 32countries will present a mix of established and emerging talent as well as artists to rediscover. The fair will present the best of the contemporary gallery scene, showcasing more than 800artists as part of a vibrant programme. Alongside the new initiatives and projects commissioned for the fair, Art Brussels will feature works that engage with technology and Artificial Intelligence, spirituality and mysticism, and themes of race, identity and gender politics. The participating galleries are divided into four different sections according to the artists exhibited: PRIME(for mid-career and established artists), DISCOVERY(emerging artists), REDISCOVERY(unduly underrepresented or overlooked artists from the 20thcentury) and SOLO(solo artist presentations). The fair continues to show its dedication to curated displays by hosting a high number of SOLOpresentations, with 29 galleries highlighting the work of individual artists. Key SOLO presentations include: Jim DineatTEMPLON (Paris, Brussels), the prolific, genre defying pioneer of art ‘happenings’ in the ‘60s; Gavin Turkat MARUANI MERCIER (Brussels, Knokke, Zaventem), one of the YBA movement (Young British ArtistsGroup)whose installations and sculptures playfullyrecontextualize everyday objects and address issues of authorship, authenticity, and identity; Thilo Heinzmannat dépendance (Brussels), who presents three new paintings made from forcefully applied clusters of pigment; Ria Verhaeghe at Richard Saltoun (London, Rome), whose Verticalsseries features newspaper images of deceased individuals and arranges them in an ethereal vertical form against striking backgrounds layered with gold leaf; and Hans Opde Beeck at Ron Mandos (Amsterdam) whose work reflects on our complex society and the universal questions of meaning. The best SOLO presentation will be awarded the SOLO Prize (supported by Hiscox), with the winning artist receiving €10,000. Full list of SOLO projects: Angel Vergara Axel Vervoordt Gallery |Tessa PerutzBaronian | Korakrit ArunanondchaiCLEARING | Marinella SenatoreCeysson & Bénétière | Regine SchumannDep Art Gallery | Thilo Heinzmanndépendance | Marria PrattsEveryday Gallery | Noé SendasGaleria Presença | Ryan WildeGalerie Julien Cadet | Jérémie CosimiGalerie Les Filles du Calvaire | Hans Op de Beeck Galerie Ron Mandos | Dirk Van SaeneGallery Sofie Van de Velde & PLUS-ONE Gallery | Willehad EilersHarlan Levey Projects | Catherine Repko Huxley-Parlour | Navid NuurJahn und Jahn | Léonard Pongo Kristof De Clercq gallery | Marcos Avila Forero LMNO| Gavin TurkMARUANI MERCIER | Thu Van TranMeessen De Clercq | Giangiacomo RossettiMendes Wood DM | Ana KarkarNosbaum Reding | Rodrigo HernándezP420 | Ria VerhaegheRichard Saltoun Gallery | Aneta Kajzer Semiose |Kate GottgensSMAC Gallery|Machteld Rullens Sorry We're Closed | Jonny Niesche The Hole|Jim DineTEMPLON| Nathanaëlle Herbelin Xavier Hufkens. The speed and regularity of obsolescence in the world of consumer technology is addressed by a number of artists. In DISCOVERY,Jonas Lund’s solo presentation at OFFICE IMPART (Berlin) marks the first show created entirely with ChatGPT, exploring the ethics and possibilities of using AI in the creation of art. In PRIME,Guy Yanai’swork at Praz Delavallade (Los Angeles, Paris) strips away references to the tangible world and creates a visual experience that is more akin to digital imagery; and at SANATORIUM (Istanbul), Christiane Peschek’s works interface between post-photography, post-internet, text and painting, between analogue processes and digital/virtual transformation. Several artists will explore mysticism and spirituality through depictions of ritual, shamanism, transcendental experience, and imaginary dream worlds. In DISCOVERY,Kemi Onabulé at Sim Smith (London) draws on the depiction of people from ancient cultures, seeing humans and souls as more symbolic rather than individualistic. In PRIME, Rodrigo Hernándezat P420 (Bologna) presents large works made with golden hand-hammered brass, creating a devotional atmosphere suspended between dream and reality, and Kendell Geers at ADN Galeria (Barcelona) weaves together diverse Afro-European traditions, including animism, alchemy, ritual and socio-political activism, which is laced with black humour, irony and cultural contradiction. Other works at the fair examine notions of gender, identity and the body. Examples in DISCOVERYinclude: melanie bonajo at AKINCI (Amsterdam), whose immersive installation gives a glimpse into her project about the body and sexual identity at the Venice Biennale in 2022;Louka Anargyrosat SEPTIEME Gallery (Paris, Cotonou) whose construction of a motoGP locker room with ceramic protective suits invites reflection on masculinity and its symbols; Selma Selman at KUK GALLERY (Cologne) whose work explores the racist isolation, classification, and denunciation of those who are 'different' or 'foreign'; and AliSalazar at Ginsberg Galeria (Lima, Madrid) who presents five works belonging to the series Unworthy of Being Human, which portray genderless and sometimes faceless figures in a state of metamorphosis. Art Brussels is known as a hotbed of young talent, and a number of artists aged under 35 are exhibiting in the DISCOVERYsection including: Hugo Cantegrelat Galeria Foco (Lisbon), who presents four different bodies of work exploring postmodern theoretical discourse and the relative nature of truth; Pei-Hsuan Wang at Ballon Rouge (Brussels), whose immersive installation forms part of her ongoing investigation into her true relationship with her niece Iris; Rudi Ninovat Sarieva / Gallery(Plovdiv), whose solo project Voice Linesis inspired by the opening paragraph from the visual and mail art poet Vesselin Sariev's MANIFESTO, 1990; and Luana Vitraat Galeria Bruno Murias (Lisbon) who, in dialogue with fellow artist Bruno Cidra, conveys an intense connection in their thoughts on memory and emotions through their use of materials such as metal, iron and rust. Awarded in recognition for their work nurturing emerging artists, the best DISCOVERY presentation will be awarded with the Discovery Prize –supported by Moleskin –with the winning gallery receiving €5,000. An expanded REDISCOVERYsection (12 galleries vs 7 in 2022) will enable visitors to uncover gems created between 1945-2000 by artists unduly underrepresented or overlooked from an older generation or who are no longer with us. New for 2023, REDISCOVERYhas a dedicated area at the fair and includes presentations of works from the 70s by Vincentiu Grigorescu (1923-2012) with 418 Gallery (Munich, Cetate), who embraced geometric expression and abstraction as a way of freeing himself from politically imposed Socialist Realism;SibylleRuppert (1942-2011) with Blue Velvet Projects (Zürich), who created a radical oeuvre and a brutal aesthetic between dark surrealism, eroticism and an intimate but strong processing of her own traumas; and TAPTA(1926-1997) with Maurice Verbaet Gallery (Knokke), who was one of the most important members of a generation of artists engaged in redefining sculpture through the use of threads and textiles. Other artisticinitiatives and projects at the fair:REVELATIONS by Delen Private Bank & Bank Van Breda In the art installation ‘Revelations’, Delen Private Bank and Bank Van Breda invite visitors to enter a cubein search of reflection and introspection.From the outside, the cube looks murky, veiled behind a hazy layer of mist. Inside, everything is crystalclear. A series of mirrors creates a sense of infinity and transparency.As he goes, the visitor discovers himself from every possible angle. What do the mirrors reveal about him, about her? Did the visitor’s reality alter once he left the cube?A passageof barely a few minutes encourages the visitor to briefly contemplate, confront, and maybe even revel. The KickCancer CollectionArt Brussels is delighted to introduce a new charity initiative for its 39th edition: The KickCancer Collection. How does it work?-Choose an artwork from the KickCancer Collection at Art Brussels-Buy it for the price of only 400euros!-Be surprise and find out the name of the artist afterwards-Be proud to have supported KickCancer Foundation The KickCancer Collection will present a monumental wall of postcard-sized artworks at the fair. A unique opportunity to own original artworks by some of today’s leading artists, all works will be sold at a flat rate of €400 to benefit the Belgian KickCancer Foundation, which finances research on children’s cancer and empowers patients and their families. All postcards are displayed anonymously (they are signed on the reverse) with the name of the artist only be revealed after the purchase of the artwork. Participating galleries include: Almine Rech, Ballon Rouge, Baronian, Bernier/Eliades, Ceysson & Bénétière, dépendance, Lelong & Co., Galerie Nagel Draxler, Gladstone, Harlan Levey Projects, Mendes Wood DM, Nino Mier, P420, rodolphe janssen, Xavier Hufkens and Zeno X. Participating artists include: Kasper Bosmans, Peter Buggenhout, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Edith Dekyndt, Joëlle Dubois, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Alain Séchas, Walter Swennen, Gert & Uwe Tobias, Maarten Vanden EyndeandSophie Whettnall. The Violet Wallpaperby Laurie Charles–with Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, curated by Zeynep Kubat For 2023 Art Brussels presents The Violet Wallpaperby Laurie Charles. Brussels-based artist Charles (*1987, Belgium) creates speculative narratives by interweaving stories and histories, drawing on fiction, folklore, humanities and science. Rewriting the history of illness and care from a female perspective to create this installation, she draws deeply from her own experience with autoimmune disease. Societies minimise, generalise or patronise sick bodies, female bodies, coloured bodies, disabled bodies, traumatised bodies, fat bodies, poor bodies. The domestic labour conditions of these bodies are worsening in a post-covid context, influenced by wars and an economic recession. Laurie connects politics of labour with politics of the body through her installation, which is inspired by the short story The Yellow Wallpaper(1892) by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Ruinart’sCarte Blanche 2023 with Eva JospinThis year, Maison Ruinart invited the French artist Eva Jospin for its Carte Blanche program. She has been inspired by the Champagne region and the history of Ruinart to create a mineral and plant landscape. Inspired by references to the Maison’s culture and the handing-down of knowledge intricately linked to the terroir, Eva Jospin’s installation draws on temporal and geological strata. The interlacing layers guide us as we meander through the landscape, wide-eyed. Made primarily from cardboard, the artist’s favourite material, this realm reminds us that creativity can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Celebrating patient, repeated gestures, but also the element of mystery within each piece of art, her work echoes the making of champagne, which elevates the grape through an alchemy of fermentation and unique know-how. Open to multiple interpretations, Eva Jospin’s installation subtly evokes a promenade through the Champagne region through the ages. Eva Jospin is represented by the gallery Suzanne Tarasieve which counts among the participating galleries of Art Brussels. The French artist will also have her exhibition“Panorama”running at Fondation Thalie from 15 April until 15 July 2023. In loving memory of Mark Vanmoerkerke -Stibbe LoungeThe exhibition in the loungeof our partner Stibbe, a leading, independent, international law firm,will show a selection of works from the private collection of the Vanmoerkerke family and has been carefully chosen to honour the life of entrepreneur, collector, friend, husband and father, the late Mark Vanmoerkerke, who passed away on 26 October 2022. The exhibition will feature works by the following artists: Alighiero Boetti, Maurizio Cattelan, Sam Durant, Lucio Fontana, Robert Longo, Léo Marfurt, Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha, Cindy Sherman, Wolfgang Tillmans BeCraft BeCraftis a collective of Belgian artists who are supported, promoted, trained and educated in Belgium and globally as part of a continuous exchange between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the international world. Since 1981, BeCraft has been the only not for profit representative in the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles for contemporary applied arts. Artsy OnlineViewing Room from 20 until27 April 2023 The fair has renewed its partnership with Artsy, the largest global online marketplace for buying, selling and discovering art by leading artists. As Art Brussels’ online Marketplace Partner, Artsy will provide a unique opportunity for exhibiting galleries to promote their virtual booths showcasing their artists’ artworks to Artsy’s global audience. Collectors can experience Art Brussels on Artsy to discover artists, save favourite works, view works on their home walls using Artsy's AR mobile tool and directly purchase work from galleries at theclick of a button. About Artsy Artsy is the largest global online marketplace for discovering, buying, and selling fine art by leading artists. Artsy connects 4,000+ galleries, auction houses, art fairs, and institutions from 100+ countries with more than 2 million global art collectorsand art lovers across 190+ countries. Artsy makes purchasing art welcoming, transparent and low-friction with industry-leading technology that connects supply and demand safely and securely at a global scale. Launched in 2012, Artsy is headquartered in New York City with offices in London, Berlin, and Hong Kong. 1 Mira Madrid Madrid | 10 A.M. ART Milan | 418 Gallery Munich, Cetate | GALLERY 1957 London, Accra | LUIS ADELANTADO (BOILER ROOM) Valencia | ADN Galeria Barcelona | AKINCI Amsterdam | Galeria Alegría Barcelona | Alice Brussels | Andersen’s Copenhagen | ASHES/ASHES New York | Au Cube Macon | Ballon Rouge Brussels | Baronian Brussels, Knokke | Base-Alpha Antwerp, Brussels | Bernier/Eliades Brussels, Athens |Sébastien Bertrand Geneva | Blouin Division Toronto, Montreal | Blue Velvet Zurich | Thomas Brambilla Bergamo | Julien Cadet Paris | CAPSULE SHANGHAI Shanghai | Pedro Cera Lisbon | Ceysson & Bénétière Geneva, Koerich, Lyon, New York, Paris, Pouzilhac, Saint-Etienne | Clages Cologne | C L E A R I N G Brussels, New York, Los Angeles | Clima Milan | VERA CORTÊS Lisbon | Damien & The Love Guru Brussels, Zurich | Dauwens & Beernaert Brussels | De Brock Knokke | Kristof De Clercq Ghent | Dep Art Milan, Ceglie Messapica | dépendance Brussels | Division of Labour / TJ Boulting London | Don Gallery Shanghai | Double V Gallery Marseille, Paris | Gilles Drouault Paris | Eins Limassol | Everyday Gallery Antwerp | Gallery FIFTY ONE Antwerp | Galeria Foco Lisbon | Freight+Volume New York | Annie Gentils Antwerp | Ginsberg Lima, Madrid | Gladstone New York, Brussels, Seoul, Los Angeles | Laurent Godin Paris | Robert Grunenberg Berlin | Hales London, New York | HdM Beijing, London | Patrick Heide Brussels, London | The Hole New York, Los Angeles | Hopstreet Brussels, Deurle |House of Chappaz Valencia, Barcelona | Xavier Hufkens Brussels | Huxley-Parlour London | Catherine Issert St Paul de Vence | Jahn und Jahn Munich, Lisbon | rodolphe janssen Brussels | JOEY RAMONE Rotterdam | Kandlhofer Vienna | KETELEER Antwerp, Brasschaat, Otegem | Klaus von Nichtssagend New York | Russi Klenner Berlin | Kogo Gallery Tartu | KUK GALLERY Cologne | La Forest Divonne Brussels, Paris | lange + pult Zurich, Auvernier | Irène Laub Brussels | Galerie Laurentin Paris, Brussels | Lelong & Co. 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Artist: Melanie Bonajo   Discovery SOLO project by melanie bonajo (they/them/theirs). The focus will be on bonajo’s recent project When the body says Yes (2022), an immersive video installation.
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Screenshot Art Brussels 2023 (c) youtube.com/watch?v=Xy1xGz8e_sk
Bild 2
10AMART-Curve and straight. The line in Italian abstract-kinetic research, 10 A.M. ART, Milan, Photo by Mattia Mognetti
Bild 3
418Gallery, Exhibition Vincentiu Grigorescu - Le Grande Tele, Solo exhibition, 2016, CetateArtsDanube
Bild 4
Gallery 1957, Adjei Tawiah, Untitled, 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery 1957
Bild 5
Gallery 1957, Adjei Tawiah, Untitled, 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery 1957
Bild 6
Au cube, Soyez maudits ! oil on canvas, 240 x 190 cm, 2023 (detail)
Bild 7
Ballon Rouge, Pei-Hsuan Wang, Statue of Asking Threshold Guardian I, 2022, Stoneware, glaze, 44 x 94 x 54 cm. Courtesy Ballon Rouge and the artist. Photo by Raphaelle Mueller
Bild 8